Why Sentinel Hub?

Flexible Working Hours

Maintaining a good work-life balance for our team members is very important and we enable this supporting employees with flexible working hours.

Take on diverse challenges

You will be able to work on a wide range of projects across Earth Observation working with external partners and the Sinergise team in Ljubljana constantly learning new skills.


Learn from and together with our remote sensing and web development professionals that form the core team in Graz. Tap in the knowledge of our colleagues at Sinergise, who are experts in the geospatial backend, cloud infrastructure, database administration and management, as well as in the machine learning field.

Self Fulfilment

You will get the chance to further develop your skills in Earth Observation technologies and be part of the development of a new company in a very exciting and promising market. By helping users develop innovative solutions based on satellite data, you will be performing meaningful work, with strong implications for our environment and society.